Photo Pain - Treatment Overview

Are you suffering without knowing the reason why?

Countless people suffer from disorders and symptoms for which no known cause can be found but which will very often leave the person in severe pain or can seriously limit your quality of life. What are the consequences? The symptoms persist and cannot be adequately alleviated, never mind completely cured.If you are one of these people, you know first-hand how difficult it is to live with this situation without seeing a way out of the misery.

We will do everything we can to help you achieve a better quality of life

You suffer from debilitating symptoms and have already made repeated visits to the doctor. So far though, the examinations have not revealed any concrete causes - and all treatments have so far been unsuccessful?

A feeling of utter despair comes over you and you seem to have no choice but to come to terms with your complaint. You are, however, not prepared to do that because the symptoms you have to endure simply don't fit in with the life you want to lead.

Let's tackle this situation once more – together! We have a comprehensive understanding of the overall medical context and can apply state-of-the art, innovative treatment methods.

Typical disorders at a glance

We specialise in conditions that have their cause in the pelvic area or are related to the pelvic nerves.

Pain during periods

In the legs, lower back, lumbago, sciatica

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Frequent need to urinate

uncontrolled urination, incontinence

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Burning pain

In the pelvic area, buttocks, lower back, genitals, legs

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Erectile dysfunction

Decrease in sexual activity

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Photo Neuropelveology Nerve Tracts

Discovering the pelvic nerves

Neuropelveology is a medical discipline developed by Prof. Possover. It is based on the discovery of the pelvic nerves and includes the diagnosis of the diseases of these nerves by means of gynaecological examination methods and their treatment by means of laparoscopy.

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Prof. Marc Possover MD

To help people in difficult situations to improve their quality of life has become his life's passion. Continuous research, decades of clinical experience and the focused determination to find a solution for previously unsolved medical problems, have enabled Prof. Possover to help often quite discouraged patients find release from their seemingly insurmountable problems.

Back to a better quality of life

We will dedicate our expertise and know-how to help you find the solution that is right for you.

Diana Neumann

Practice Assistant

Actively supporting people who need help is what fulfils me in my profession. It is important that our patients feel that they are being taken care of right from the start. I take care of this as the first contact person and greet you with a smile in our practice.

Audrey Schroller

Practice Assistant

„As a cheerful, open and communicative person, I really appreciate coming into contact with people from all over the world. The well-being of others is very important to me.

Fiona Muir

Manager & International Coordinator

„We want you to feel at home with us from the very first moment. I will help you organise your treatment, even if you are travelling internationally.

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