New treatment solutions

New treatment solutions

So far, you have been unsuccessful in finding a long-term satisfactory solution for your disorder and pain? The feeling of not being able to expect any further improvement is disheartening, to say the least. Medicine is forever breaking new ground, presenting innovative solutions to well-known problems. It may well include just the solution you have been waiting for.

We would like you to be able to live an untroubled and pain-free life

If you have already undergone different therapies without success, a new approach could provide a more permanent solution for you. The most important building block for effective treatment is the diagnosis. If we know the origin of your problem, we can target and treat the cause.

Here the specialty field of Neuropelveology, founded by Prof. Possover, offers an innovative approach since many disorders are causally related to the pelvic nerves, which have so far received little or no attention. Endometriosis, tumours and other diseases can also be treated with new methods - minimally invasive and completely safe.

These include laparoscopy, offering precision diagnostics and targeted treatment of even the most sensitive nerves thanks to the development of miniscule cameras. We also achieve excellent results with nerve stimulation. Frequently, we are able to provide patients who have grown very desperate over time, with a much better quality of life.

Photo Neuropelveology Nerve Tracts

Discovering the pelvic nerves

Neuropelveology is a medical discipline developed by Prof. Possover. It is based on the discovery of the pelvic nerves and includes the diagnosis of the diseases of these nerves by means of gynaecological examination methods and their treatment by means of laparoscopy.

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Prof. Marc Possover MD

To help people in difficult situations to improve their quality of life has become his life's passion. Continuous research, decades of clinical experience and the focused determination to find a solution for previously unsolved medical problems, have enabled Prof. Possover to help often quite discouraged patients find release from their seemingly insurmountable problems.

Back to a better quality of life

We will dedicate our expertise and know-how to help you find the solution that is right for you.

Diana Neumann

Practice Assistant

Actively supporting people who need help is what fulfils me in my profession. It is important that our patients feel that they are being taken care of right from the start. I take care of this as the first contact person and greet you with a smile in our practice.

Audrey Schroller

Practice Assistant

„As a cheerful, open and communicative person, I really appreciate coming into contact with people from all over the world. The well-being of others is very important to me.

Fiona Muir

Manager & International Coordinator

„We want you to feel at home with us from the very first moment. I will help you organise your treatment, even if you are travelling internationally.

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