Erectile dysfunctionA healthy sexual life without erectile dysfunction - genital nerve stimulation can help

Erectile dysfunction - characterized by an inability of  the penis to become erect or the inability to sustain the erection for an adequate period of time -  is almost without exception experienced by the men concerned as a heavy psychological burden. The erection itself is a complex process in which nerves at the level of the brain, spinal cord and pelvis as well as hormones and blood vessels interact. In addition, psychological factors have an influence on erectile function. If the cause of the erection problems can be found in the genital nerves, genital nerve stimulation (GNS) can lead to a significant improvement - and to a return to sexual satisfaction.

Genital Nerve Stimulation (GNS): a return to greater sexual satisfaction

Erectile dysfunction occurs much more frequently than is generally known. According to scientific studies, up to the age of 49 almost every tenth man is affected, among 60 to 69 year olds the figure rises to every third and thus about 40 million patients total in the USA are affected. The condition is  much more common with increasing age. Erection problems will usually put a severe strain on the man's psychological well-being and can endanger even long-term relationships. It is therefore all the more important that those affected get professional help.

In many cases, erection problems can be solved by electrical stimulation of the genital nerves. Genital Nerve Stimulation (GNS) is a new treatment method developed by Prof. Possover, in which a microstimulator system just a few millimetres in size, is placed behind the pubic bone on the genital nerve. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic through a small incision concealed by the pubic hair. The patient controls the stimulation of the genital nerve by means of a remote control, which causes both sexual arousal and an erection, which is maintained during sexual intercourse. The additional use of Viagra is not necessary. The stimulation of the genital nerves leads to a significant improvement of the erection and thus to a more satisfying level of sexual satisfaction for the man - and in couple relationships for the woman as well.
Importance of the nerves for erection

Nerve dysfunction as a cause of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can have many causes. In about 70% of cases, physical causes are responsible. In addition to sufficient blood circulation to the penis, the nerve tracts involved play a particularly important role - these range from the penis to the spinal cord to the brain. If these nerves are not intact, erectile dysfunction can result.

Among the many causes of erectile dysfunction are injuries, radiotherapy or operations in the pelvic cavity or on the spinal cord. Neuropathy, i.e. damage to the peripheral nerves, can also lead to this condition. Such nerve damage can be caused by various diseases such as diabetes mellitus or chronic alcohol abuse. When the central nervous system is affected by diseases such as stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease, erectile dysfunction can also result.   


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Professor Marc Possover is one of the most incredible, rare professional, intellectual doctors whom i ever met.
I was lucky to be present at a difficult surgical oncological operation of one of my patients.

Prof Dr. med. Yanna B Md.Phd

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Dear Dr. Possover. We would like to thank you very much for the operation you performed in November 2014. Thanks to your excellent work we have become parents of two sons. Our family will always be grateful to you. Best regards.

Tatiana und Ilya

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For more than 4 years I suffered from a tearing pain in the pelvic floor and a strong irritable bladder. Oestopathy, urologists, acupuncture and a neurologist who wanted to send me to a rheumatologist could not help.

Maya Szabo

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My name is Mrs. Liat Nadel, 51 years old, married and live in Israel. I was only 12 when my Endometriosis knocked on my door/life, but was actually diagnosed only 11 years later by mistake, "thanks" to an emergency surgery.

Liat Nadel

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From the moment I walked into the consultation room and the Professor's initial response to my complaint I felt overwhelmingly at ease. For a healthcare professional to finally know exactly what your problem was but more importantly telling me he could fix the problem was like winning the lottery and he certainly delivered on his promise.

Steph Hechter

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Discovering the pelvic nerves

Neuropelveology is a medical discipline developed by Prof. Possover. It is based on the discovery of the pelvic nerves and includes the diagnosis of the diseases of these nerves by means of gynaecological examination methods and their treatment by means of laparoscopy.

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