Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

A return to a satisfying level of sexuality through intimate surgery and clitoral GNS

Sexual disorders are a sensitive issue that women are reluctant or even unable to talk about. Many tend to blame themselves for their unsatisfactory state of sexuality - or look for the reason in their partner. A frustration arises, which affects the self-esteem and can endanger even long-lasting, stable couple relationships. But you should know this: diminished sexual sensation and a lack of orgasm often have simple, physical causes, but these can be corrected!

Vaginal sagging as a cause of sexual dissatisfaction

Vaginal sagging as a cause of sexual dissatisfaction

Vaginal sagging occurs in many women and leads to decreased sexual pleasure and satisfaction as the overstretched tissue allows for  less sensation. This means that it is often not possible to experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse. This problem can be solved by intimate surgery.

In vaginal rejuvenation, also known as vaginal plastic surgery, surgical vaginal narrowing or vaginal rejuvenation, the circumference of the vagina is reduced by narrowing the inner and outer vaginal canals to increase sensation during intercourse. Vaginal rejuvenation is the most effective method of restoring vaginal firmness and improving female sexual sensation.

The sagging of the vagina is often associated with a lowering of the bladder and/or rectum, a so-called prolapse. In this case, the vagina tightening is performed in combination with a correction of the prolapse. While prolapse surgery can be performed via the vagina or laparoscopy, vagina tightening is always performed via vaginal access. A reduction or enlargement of the labia can also be part of the vaginal rejuvenation operation. This labia correction belongs to aesthetic intimate surgery when viewed in isolation.

GNS: Stimulation of clitoral nerves

GNS: Stimulation of clitoral nerves

Increased clitoral sensation through genital nerve stimulation (GNS) - without surgery on the sensitive clitoris

Thousands of nerves supply the clitoris and form the source of sexual pleasure in women. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution when performing operations directly on the clitoris.

Genital nerve stimulation (GNS) is a low-risk way to return to satisfactory sexuality. It is not based on surgical correction of the clitoris as part of intimate surgery, but on the implantation of a microstimulator system a few millimetres in size behind the pubic bone on the genital nerves. This method requires only a small incision in a place covered by the pubic hair and can be performed under local anesthesia.

After insertion of the device, the genital nerve can be stimulated by means of a remote control, which can lead to sexual arousal and erection of the clitoris, and the stimulation of the clitoral nerves can result in orgasm. The GNS thus improves sexual satisfaction considerably, and only the woman herself knows her hidden secret.


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