Erfahrungsberichte - Patientenaussagen

Dear Dr. Possover. We would like to thank you very much for the operation you performed in November 2014. Thanks to your excellent work we have become parents of two sons. Our family will always be grateful to you. Best regards.
Tatiana und Ilya

I was introduced to Dr. Possover by my doctor in Atlanta, Dr. John Miklos. I have had 14 surgeries to remove and repair damaged caused by transvaginal mesh and bladder sling resulting in continuous excruciating pelvic, abdominal and leg pain.

Dr. Miklos had met Dr. Possover and felt that if anyone could identify the primary root cause of my pelvic floor pain it would be Dr. Possover. Dr. Possover identified my issue as pudendal nerve entrapment. He initially gave me injections that gave me some short term relief before surgery was recommended. Dr. Possover told me that due to the damage and scarring caused from mash and previous surgeries I may never be completely free of pain but he felt he could help me with some relief. Following my surgery I have appointments with Dr. Possover via Skype. I am able to ask any questions or share any concerns without feeling rushed.

I have also been diagnosed by my neurologist with irreparable obturator and femoral nerve damage.  I have complete trust and faith in Dr. Possover. Dr Possover’s patience and compassionate manner give me a sense of comfort during what has been a very difficult time for me.

Wanda Queen

From the moment I walked into the consultation room and the Professor's initial response to my complaint I felt overwhelmingly at ease. For a healthcare professional to finally know exactly what your problem was but more importantly telling me he could fix the problem was like winning the lottery and he certainly delivered on his promise.

Coming from a medical background, you knew his knowledge was exceptional. He ensured every question was answered. For the first time someone understood what I was feeling, my symptoms, side effects and the impact on my quality of life. He showed sincere compassion. I feel privileged to have someone of such caliber operate on myself but also know he will be there within the follow up stages should I need him.

From making the appointment from abroad via the online booking system to the initial consultation and the stay in the clinic everything was taken care of by the Professor's staff and the clinic staff on my behalf. I got all relevant details of nearby accommodation and about the surgery; my only job was to book a flight and turn up on the day of the operation which made the whole experience hassle and stress free.

When you are going abroad for major and intricate surgery you want to feel nothing but confident and at ease from start to finish. I can say this was the case achieved by the Professor and his team. The care in the clinic I received was outstanding. The staff was always attentive, caring, met every possible need and spoke excellent English.

I can warmly recommend Professor Possover and the facilities. I have been overwhelmed with his expertise and knowledge but also the confidence I felt in him from day one to correct my complication from endometriosis. I will be forever grateful for the care and treatment I received and nobody could ever put you more at ease than the Professor. I cannot thank him and his team any more.

Steph Hechter
For more than 4 years I suffered from a tearing pain in the pelvic floor and a strong irritable bladder. Oestopathy, urologists, acupuncture and a neurologist who wanted to send me to a rheumatologist could not help.

A gynaecologist finally told me about Prof. Dr. Possover. Shortly afterwards I learned everything about the pudendal nerve from him during the first examination. The nerve was anaesthetised for a short time and I could sit relaxed without having to urinate. Thus it was clear that the whole stimulus and pain radiated from there. I immediately made an appointment for the operation in the pyramid. The operation went very well, Prof. Possover cared for me in the morning and evening and the 5-day stay was to my complete satisfaction. I was able to reduce the dosage of medication, which I had trouble with at the beginning, already after 4 months and I know that even the minimal deafness disappears completely.

I am so happy and grateful that I was helped to a new quality of life in this beautiful practice. A very big thank you to the competent, sympathetic Prof. Dr. Possover, who has an enormous knowledge and a great operative ability. I can only recommend the Possover International Medical Center.
Maya Szabo

Professor Marc Possover is one of the most incredible, rare professional, intellectual doctors whom i ever met. I was lucky to be present at a difficult surgical oncological operation of one of my patients. At the operation theatre he is calm and very attentive to his assistants which creates a warm professional atmosphere. The movement of his hands are so smooth and precise that there is no complication during an operation. With his kind attention to the patient he always finds a correct solution for a treatment and gets the best results. Prof. Possover never leaves the patient after an operation without observing him several times per day. To be myself a doctor with 50 years of practice I am grateful having been introduced to Prof.Possover. I am proud for his skill in saving lifes of patients.

Prof Dr. med. Yanna B Md.Phd

My name is Mrs. Liat Nadel, 51 years old, married and live in Israel. I was only 12 when my Endometriosis knocked on my door/life, but was actually diagnosed only 11 years later by mistake, "thanks" to an emergency surgery. Since then I have had my ups and downs and learned how to live with my disease. 3 years ago, after my 5th surgery, i still had my usual  stomach Endometriosis pain, but what bothered  me more, is that I have felt  an additional strange pain down my lower left back and leg- Electrical pain. After a few months of terrible strange pain, i could not move my left leg, could not go up the stairs, could not sit properly. After a long research , i understood that my new type of pain was actually a neuropathic pain and I have lived with it 24/7 - I felt like sitting on an electrical chair.

Unfortunately,  the local doctors in Israel  could not help me, and after a long journey in the network I have read about Prof. Possover in Zurich. I have asked my Israeli Endometriosis surgeon Dr.Kaufman about him and asked him to join me to this journey, if an operation in Zurich will be necessary. In April 2017 i have had my consultation with Prof. Possover and just after 10 minutes  with my husband and me, Prof. Possover shared his thoughts-"L5 Entrapment", he said, "this could be the problem". After my return to Israel and after doing several tests, Prof. Possover agreed to operate me. I took care of all the financial issues with my insurance, and on 26.7.18 with my husband and Dr.Y.Kaufman I underwent my 6th operation, this time not in Israel, in a foreign country, with Prof. Possover. I was hospitalized in the Klinik Pyramide Zurich, in my opinion, one of the best hospitals worldwide. Prof.Possover met me before and after the surgery, hosted my doctor in the operating theater and came to visit me every single day after the procedure. My experience with him, which was totaly different than my experience with other doctors, is a very special one, his ability to make a real dialogue with me as a  patient concerning my surgery, was indeed unique and encouraged me. Today, 1 year after the surgery, I feel much better, I still have a long way to go with regard to my rehab , but I can surely see the end of my horror movie. The decision to make this journey to Prof. Possover was a Life Saving decision for me and my family.

Thank you Prof. Possover & Team - at the Possover  Int. Medical Center &  thanks a lot to the super professional staff at the  Klinik Pyramide  Zurich Switzerland .

Liat Nadel

I had surgery with Prof Possover in February 2019 and I will be forever grateful for the change it has made to my life and that of my family, it feels like we have won the lottery. I had six previous laparoscopies with different surgeons in Ireland and the UK intended to help with my chronic pelvic pain which had been attributed to my mild/moderate endometriosis, but which never gave me any relief and doctors were puzzled as to why I was in so much pain.

Upon consultation with Prof Possover, he was able to diagnose venal entrapment of my sacral plexus nerve and schedule a surgery to remove the offending veins. The surgery was a huge success and while it was worrisome travelling to another country for a surgery, Prof Possover and his team put me at ease and instilled a great confidence in me as to both their abilities and their compassion. Prof Possover visited me twice a day for the 3 days I was in hospital after the surgery and took the time to discuss any concerns / questions we had. I feel truly honoured to have been cared for by this man, Zurich will always hold a special place in my heart now.

My recovery from the surgery took about 10 months in total and went exactly as Prof Possover predicted. I now have no need for painkillers and can make plans with confidence!  

Laura (Ireland)